Radio Design Labs was established in January, 1986 in Carpinteria, California, United States. The company name was chosen for its founders’ extensive engineering and sales experience in the broadcasting industry. The purpose of the business was to design and manufacture electronic modules and equipment for the broadcast, commercial sound, video, audio-visual and recording markets. The company set out to distinguish itself by three characteristics. First, all products would be designed and manufactured to exacting standards of professional performance and longevity previously reserved for broadcast and recording equipment. Second, the core product groups would be comprised of single-function modules enabling many features to be added to audio and video system designs. Third, the company would offer a broad base of technical and system design support to its customers led by an engineering staff with field experience. These principles have guided the company throughout its history.

In September 1993 the company relocated its manufacturing division to Prescott, Arizona, United States. The sales offices remained in Carpinteria, California until December 2004 when all U.S. operations were consolidated to the factory campus in Arizona.

RDL-Europe, B.V. was established as a subsidiary company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1998. RDL-Europe serves as the RDL master distributor, providing inventory, sales and service for Europe (EEC) and surrounding regions.