MSE Audio

The story of MSE Audio began in 1995 when a group of businessmen, designers, engineers and tinkerers, but above all, audiophiles, developed a speaker that would be the first offering in a new brand called Induction Dynamics. Not content with just good sound, these audiophiles focused on perfection, designing, building and finishing cabinets, and selecting components all by hand, and developing their own unique crossover design. After a few years of marketing this new line, an opportunity arose to acquire another brand which also had a reputation for superb quality and innovation… and MSE Audio was born.

Today, MSE Audio comprises six brands: Induction Dynamics®, Phase Technology®, Rockustics®, SolidDrive®, Soundsphere®, and SoundTube Entertainment®. The SolidDrive brand was developed in-house while the remaining brands were brought in via acquisition. (A seventh brand, Secret Sound®, was merged into SoundTube after it was acquired.)