2019 – 2022: AMX celebrates 40th anniversary with debut of its next – generation Varia professional – grade touch panel series. AMX also introduces Jetpack AV control kits and Precis PR switchers and win – dowing processors. Enova DVX models received platform enhencements that included AMX 4K60 4:4:4 video fidelity, BSS DS, Crown amplification, and dbx feedback suppression. Expansion of the InConcert strategic partner program continued through collaborations with leading networking and collaboration technology providers.

Video and Controller 

Network video Encoding & Decoding SVSI N2400 4K Series

Network video Encoding & Decoding SVSI N2300 4K Series

Scheduling & Collaboration Acendo Book Scheduling Panels

Touch Panels Varia Touch Panels

Touch Panels Modero Touch Panels

Central Controllers