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Zone Mixer and Paging system
8 mono zone outputs

The ZONEMIX8 provides a 8 zone mixing and paging solution featuring USB, Ethernet and RS232 connectivity.
It features 2 Mic/Line and 4 line level stereo inputs which can be independently mixed to any output zone. An additional local audio input can also be added to each zone using audio wall panel inputs.

WP10, WP4R and WPVOL wall controllers provide in-zone control of various ZONEMIX functions. Paging capabilities can be added using the ZMPS paging station with a total of 16 stations supported. Additional audio inputs can be added such as the WPBT Bluetooth Receiver and the WPML Mic/Line audio input wall panel.

Software features of the ZONEMIX include a miniDSP, tone generator, message player, priority control, programmable I/O and in-built scheduler.


• 8 mono zone outputs
• 2 Mic/line and 4 stereo line inputs plus 1 local input per zone
• USB, Ethernet and RS232 connectivity
• miniDSP – Filters, Tone Control, Compressors/Limiters
• Built-in Tone Generator, Message Player and Scheduler
• Multi-stage priority control
• 8 general purpose inputs/outputs
• Supports up to 16 ZMPS Paging Stations and 16 WP10, WP4R, WPVOL wall panels
• Supports up to 8 local inputs such as WPBT, WPML or WPXLR wall panels
• ZONEMIX PC control software free via download