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Compact & versatile, easy to use, easy to install speaker. 8” coaxial speaker offering a coverage of 70º conical dispersion and 126 dB SPL.

Perfectly suited for:

→  PA system
→  Public address
→  Convention centers
→  Houses of worship
→  Background music
→  Commercial complex

The WCX-8 is a two-way coaxial speaker part of the WCX series. The WCX-8 is a compact, modular and powerful cabinet designed for outdoor applicatios.  Line transformer optional.

This is a weather resistant speaker, designed to withstand harder weather conditions, where the cabinets are exposed to the elements.

The WCX-8 uses a 8” coaxial speaker (2.5” LF voice coil and 1.75” HF voice coil) offering a coverage of 70º conical dispersion and 126 dB SPL (600 W program).

Weight has been left as low as possible providing easy set ups in fixed installation as well as easy transport. It can also be powered from an external amplifier using the ARK optimised preset.

The enclosure is made from premium grade birch plywood and finished with a polyurea coating for longer durability & weather protection. 

The WCX-8 has a stainless steel 1 mm grill also available in aluminum with protective layer and micro textured paint and a weatherstrip edging for extreme protection.

This enclosure has an acoustex filter, a hydrophobic polyester sheet to prevent the penetration of water and external elements produced by extreme weather conditions. Also, 35 ppi Acoustic foam to protect against dust particles, M8 stainless steel 316 L screws and a waterproof protected cone on both sides.

An aluminum back plate with pressure gland is included for an extra tight connection and easy installation.



1 x 8″ coaxial speaker with LF 2.5″ and HF 1.75″ voice coil
Frequency Range 70 Hz – 17 KHz (-10dB)
Frequency Response
100 Hz – 18 KHz (± 3dB)
Max SPL 120 dB – 126 dB peak
95 dB (1w @ 1m)
Coverage angle 70º conical dispersion
300 W AES (600 W program, 1200 peak)
Operating Mode 8 Ω / Optional 100 V: 200 W / 100 W / 50 W selectable
Nominal Impedance
8 Ω
Connectors In: Euroblock terminal

Out: Cable gland

15 mm premium birch plywood
Finish Polyurea coating
265 x 265 x 265 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 10 Kg (22 lbs)