HR 1564/7 & HR 1596/7

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High performance, ultra-compact, full range, two way bi-amp/passive cabinet. It consists of a 15” transducer and a 1.4” high frequency compression driver. They offer 2 dispersion options. The model HR-1564/7 provides a narrow dispersion of 60º x 40º (rotatable) and the model HR-1596/7 offers a wide dispersion of 90º x 60º (rotatable). 129dB SPL (1400W program)

This cabinet is ideal for a wide variety of applications and has a range of accessories that provide an easier assembly. Although this cabinet can be used without a processor, we strongly recommend that the cabinet presets are applied for maximum optimization and performance.

For Low Frequency reinforcement, several subwoofer options are available.

Perfectly suited for:

→  Club & Bar installations
→  Houses of worship
→  Theatres
→  Houses of worship
→  Interior live PA
→  Theatres