grandMA3 onPC fader wing

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We all love extra faders – ok, almost all of us love extra faders! If you need additional faders in your grandMA3 onPC system, the grandMA3 onPC fader wing is the perfect hardware playback extension for you.

With this onPC wing you get a total of 40 separate playbacks with 10 motorized faders and 20 rotary encoders. So you can expand the playbacks for your grandMA3 onPC command wing XT or your grandMA3 onPC command wing.

But maybe you need a simple playback device in a small TV studio, theater installation or house of worship? Just connect the grandMA3 onPC fader wing via USB directly to your computer running the grandMA3 onPC software. You get a small and compact playback station with two built-in DMX ports to control your show! Or you have a grandMA3 onPC rack-unit and use up to two grandMA3 onPC fader wings to control your playbacks.

No matter which combination you like – you can use 4 096 parameters directly!


Data Sheet: A.II 1.2 grandMA3 onPC fader wing


  • onPC wing for real-time control of 4 096 parameters in combination with grandMA3 onPC
  • 2 DMX connectors
  • 1 USB connector
  • 20 rotary RGB backlit encoder
  • 10 motorized 60 mm faders


Parameters 4 096 (HTP/LTP)
Parameters Mode2 not applicable (no Mode2)
Operating voltage/ Supply voltage AC 100 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Power max. 50 VA
Operating Temperature 0 °C up to 40 °C / 32 °F up to 104 °F
Dimensions 240 x 427 x 102 mm / 10 x 17 x 4 in
(width x depth x height)
Net weight 5 kg / 11 lbs
Connectors 1 x IEC-60320 C14 cord
2 x DMX512-A Out (5pin XLR female)
1 x USB 2.0 (type B)
1 x LED desk light (4pin XLR female)