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The DMS800 Vocal Set D7 is a reference digital wireless system available for Band1.

The set includes the DSR800 reference two-channel digital wireless receiver, a pair of DHT800 wireless handheld transmitters, and two D7 WL1 microphone heads. The DSR800 receiver provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to 112MHz for reliable and versatile operation, while the DHT800 transmitters deliver durability, easy handling and dependability. The set’s two D7 WL1 dynamic microphone heads are ideal for lead vocals because of their ability to create the subtle and open sound of a condenser capsule while also delivering the powerful resonance of a dynamic microphone. Rounding out the set is a pair of stand adapters for the DHT800 transmitters.

The DMS800 Vocal Set D7 is only available in the US.


  • Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Performances


  • Dual thickness Varimotion diaphragm provides a subtle and opened sound in all frequency ranges
  • Laminate diaphragm material damps critical resonance peaks for higher feedback suppression
  • Integrated hum compensation coil for cleaner sound
  • Precision metal dust filter protects the capsule from sound changing pollution
  • Self-cleaning contacts helps ensure reliable operation and improves capsule life


Bandwidth Up to 150 MHz
Frequency Band BD1 = 548.1 to 605.9 and 614.1 to 697.9 MHz
Not supplied by manufacturer