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Digital conference system controller

Intelligent digital meeting control controller is an important bridge for conference unit and PC management. Through the navigation panel keyboard, with software conference management function, it can realize the centralized control of all conference functions, such as camera auto-tracking. With a variety of conference mode selection (the number of speakers, speak mode), strong extended function, DSP sound processing adopts the equalizer module and environmental noise suppression technology.


● Conference system controller can connect up to 128 sets of meeting unit, through the expansion of the controller, a conference system can access 1000 conference units.

● Can connect up to 36 sets of translation unit and realize 11+1 kinds

of languages simultaneous interpretation function.

● With 12 channels translation audio output .

● It’s connected with special 8 core aviation plug , with translators machine interface, expansion of controller interface, the conference unit interface.

● “Hand in hand” or “T” type connection mode.

● With audio input interface.

● With multiple sets of acoustic channel output.

● Speaking number limited function: discussion unit number 1/2/4/6 adjustable, chairman unit is not restricted.

● Support a variety of conference mode like FIFO, NORMAL, FREE, APPLY.

●Audio processing adopts digital equalizer module and noise processing module make the voice clear, two-way audio input two-way audio output connected to peripheral equipments.

● Support automatic camera tracking.

● Cooperate with telephone coupler to realize remote conference call.

● Support attendance, voting and data management function.

● The controller can be mounted on a 19 inch standard cabinet.