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Compact & extremely powerful, self-powered (3000 W Class-D with PFC), DSP integrated subwoofer unit in band pass configuration. 18″ (4″ voice coil) neodymium transducer.

Perfectly suited for:

→ Live events
→ Large stadiums / arenas
→ Auditoriums
→ Houses of worship
→ Theatres
→ Clubs
→ Low frequency complement for CPS-214

The CPS-18S is a high-output, extremely powerful sub-bass element designed to be used in unison with the coaxial CPS-214 point source module.

It uses one low distortion 18″ (4″ QUATTRO in/out copper voice coil) custom speaker with FEA optimized ceramic magnet circuit and Exclusive Malt Cross Technology cooling system. It implements Exclusive NCR (Neck Coupling Reinforcement) and is optimized for band pass configuration.

The extra strong, specially designed internal wooden reinforcements reduce unwanted vibrations eliminating any noise, lowering distorsion and delivering a clear sound. At the same time, the bass port is designed with a flare to eliminate any turbulence caused by sharp edges in the sound waves path.

The 3000W Class-D amplifier with PFC (Power Factor Correction) offers exceptional efficiency with maximum system performance whilst significantly lowering power consumption. With Thermal, short-circuit and overload protections the system module delivers an outstanding sonic performance. Coupled together with our new generation, 64 bit/96KHz processor the system electronics are yet further guaranteed not only the utmost protection but the best performance.

Designed in-house by Lynx Pro Audio engineers our DSP offers the most recent advances in digital processing, delivering a linear phase & frequency response. The latest 32 bit/96KHZ AD/DA converters make the system one of the most advanced & innovative subwoofers on the market resulting in superior sound quality.

A 2.8″ IPS user interface is located on the enclosure’s back panel and has multifunction joystick control enabling the user to control, select and/or adjust parameters such as cabinet presets, gain, delay and input EQ (see user manual).

Two Ethernet ports enable the system to be controlled with the OCS platform for easier alignment, monitoring and processing of the array and together with the new Rainbow 3D prediction software delivers a complete system design tool.

The enclosure is made from premium grade birch plywood and finished with a polyurea coating for longer durability & weather protection.


Key features:

→ Extraordinary power-to-size ratio
→ 18″ neodymium transducer
→ Band pass configuration
→ Integrated Digital Processor (64 bit / 96 KHz) with FIR linear phase filtering
→ Ergonomic design in premium birch plywood & finished in polyurea
→ 2.8″ IPS display with multifunction joystick control


LF: 1 x 18″ (4″ QUATTRO in/out copper voice coil), waterproof cone with treatment for both sides
Frequency Range

35 Hz – 100 Hz (-6dB)

QUASI omnidirectional
Max SPL 132 dB / 138 dB
Power amplifier
3000 W Class D with switching power supply & PFC

Internal Lynx Processor DSPB-FL.
96 KHz / 64 bit double-precision, DSP with FIR filter linear phase

6th Order Band Pass Subwoofer
Control User control interface with 2.8” IPS screen and multifunction joystick controller
Control connections
USB (DSP programming) / Dual Ethernet port

BAL/UNBAL XLR connectors analog input

AES/EBU digital input optional

Nominal voltage
100 – 240V AC @ 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage 85 – 264V AC
AC Connectors
16A Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP with looping output
Finish Polyurea coating, high grade resistant paint
15 mm premium birch plywood
Dimensions 600 x 900 x 750 mm (H x W x D)
62 Kg (136.6 lbs)