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Double Dynamics (RMS and Peak) are standard in all ARK-71 models. These double dynamics lowerlevels of distortion and provide protection for all the speaker components and internal electronics.

ARK software has been designed for fast user access to make each processing zone simpler for the user. The Compare function option enables the user to listen to the difference between 2 complete set ups in real time with no fade-ins or fade-outs.

As well as being able to import measurement curves from the principal systems (SMAART LIVE, CLIO, SAT Live etc), they can also be seen directly in the final frequency response window showing the effects ofthe process applied. All ARK processors can be configured and monitored in real time by USB or Ethernet.


  • Multipurpose hall, conference room
  • Church
  • Background music square
  • Lounge Bar, Pub, Disco
  • Stateroom, restaurant for wedding reception


Data Sheet: datasheet_ARK71



Impedance: 20 K Ohm Balanced (10 K Ohm unbalanced)
Connector: Balanced XLR (pin 2 +)
AD converter: 24 bit-192KHz, 512x Oversampling
Dynamic Range: 120 dB.
Max. level: +19 dBu (balanced).
Digital AES/EBU: Optional.
Impedance: 50 Ohm Balanced (25 Ohm unbalanced).
Connector: Balanced XLR (pin 2 +).
DA converter: 24 bit-192KHz, 512x Oversampling.
Dynamic Range: 120 dB.
Max. level: +18 dBu (balanced).
Digital AES/EBU: Optional.
Frequency Range 10 Hz – 24 KHz.
THD (%) <0,0018%
DSP Process Internal resolution with 56 bit double precision in floating point.
Converters 24 bit resolution
Propagation Delay 0.6 miliseconds
Input GEQ / PEQ 29 GEQ Bands or 29 parametric filters per input.
PEQ output PEQ Type filtersParametric, Shelving High, Shelving Low, Low-Pass, High-Pass, Low-Pass Q variable, High-Pass Q variable, BandPass, Reject Band, AllPass order 1, AllPass order 2.Possibility to Link filters between Input and Outputs.
Linkwitz Riley with 12, 24, 48 dB/oct.
Butterworth and Bessel with 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 dB/oct.
Input 190 milisec. (channels A & B) / 54 milisec. (channels C & D)
Output 20.8 milisec for Speaker alignment. Possibility to Link Delays.
RMS Limiter-Compressor
1 per output.
Threshold +18dBu to -50dBu.
Compression Ratio 1:1 to 1:10 (1:infinite with limiter).
Power indication Shows the maximum power applied to the speaker for the selected threshold.
Peak Limiter
1 per output
Threshold +18dBu to -50dBu.
Peak Indication Shows the maximum peak Voltage applied to the speaker for the selected threshold.


Noise Gate
1 per Output
Noise Threshold: -79dBu to -37dBu
Level Control
Gain +6dBu to -40 dBu per input / output.
Mute per input / output.
Phase inversion per input / output. Possibility to Link Controls.
Signal Generator
Level 0dBu to –40dBu
Type sine tone from 10Hz to 22KHz, Pink noise, White noise.
Security Options
Password Global
Level 0: No restrictions
Level 1: Only allows preset changes.
Level 2: Only allows mute modification.
Level 3: Only allows preset changes and mute modification.
Level 4: Bloks all the front panel controls
Restricted Zones: For each Preset it is possible to disable the access to any processor function (EQ, crossover, Limiter, etc) writing a preset password.
Other functions
Atmospheric compensation by Air absorption.
  Process Integration with RAINBOW – The acoustical prediction software.
Speaker data import from main audio measurement systems.
  Export & Import EQ files, etc.
Front Panel
 Display LCD with 24 x 2 characters
 Encoders 3
 Buttons Navigator with 5 backlight buttons.
12 buttons for Edition and Mute with light indications.
 Level Meter 7 leds per input/output, -40db, -6db, 0db, +6db, +12db, Limit, Over Limit.
Power supply 85-240 V ~ 40-400 Hz. IEC connector. (Switching power supply, wide range).
Consumption 30 W.
Operating temperature -5º to 60º C (23º to 140º F).
Storage temperature -60º to 75º C (-76º to 167º F).
Humidity Max. 90% non-condensing.
Dimensions 482 x 45 x 226 mm.
Weight 3 Kg
Warranty 3 years